Once a week I challenge myself with memorizing a short monologue from a film I enjoy - change up the circumstances a bit - and then film it in one or two takes. I try to give myself just an hour to memorize and then film it and treat it as if it's just an audition - that way I'm not caring if it's "perfect". I also take the opportunity to learn something new with editing. For me, it's just about doing the work.

This week's challenge was to do something I've probably heard hundreds of times but it popped in my head when thinking of a monologue to do for this week and I thought I'd jump on it. It's one of my favorite moments from one of my absolute favorite Martin & Lewis films. 

This one was interesting for me because I was scared out of doing theatre (plays and such) years ago because of one actor who, when I dropped a line in a show, he sighed extremely loud and made a big deal of me dropping the line - in front of the entire audience.   Anyway, I thought I'd take a shot at Mr. Elwood Dowd and see what this would look like in my skin.  Memorized in an hour and then shot in one take to keep with the messiness of what these monologues are all about for me.

This week's challenge was just changing up the entire original purpose and circumstance of this speech into the idea that this guy is leaving this information for the next two who will take his place in Station 3. 

This week, a short piece from my absolute favorite episode of The Twilight Zone. What an incredible performance by both original actors and written SO well. 

The challenge here was trying not to picture Terrence Stamp doing it as brilliantly as he did.   I also used this opportunity to try a new thing editing-wise to try and add some dust particles and slight movement in the camera with the Deadpool presets... if you pay attention you'll probably notice a few jumps after 25 seconds.. I can't seem to find where to cut it to make longer takes smooth.

I could never do this as brilliantly as Peter Sellers' original in A Shot in the Dark so I gave myself an hour to memorize and shoot this one because it was a chunk and I didn't want to stress over the words. Just treated it almost like an audition. And just like a normal audition, I dropped a line early in the monologue and realized it midway through... important thing is, I kept going. 

I tried doing this one as a State of the Union Address since that just happened in real life but letting it be the State of the Union for The Neverending Story. You may notice that I use pieces from the book rather than the film.  I also used this opportunity to try a new thing editing-wise to learn how to use the Essential Graphics panel in Adobe Premiere.

This short piece was requested by a friend who wanted to see a dramatic take from this "iconic" Muppets Take Manhattan scene.   I also used this opportunity to try a new thing editing-wise to learn how to smoothly move with using keyframes.  This is by no means a great acting performance but I gotta say... REALLY hard not to do this with Kermit's voice, haha

This short piece is taken from "The Delicate Delinquent" with Jerry Lewis.  Music is taken from Jackie Gleason's Orchestra "I'll Be Seeing You".  I also took the opportunity to learn something new with editing by first using the Deadpool Handheld Movement preset but also pushing in the entire scene so the wide now becomes more a medium shot by the end.

Here is a piece I took from one of my favorite films, "The Legend of 1900".

This is the monologue that gave me the idea to do this on a weekly basis. It's such a wonderfully written scene. If you haven't seen the film, please do. It's an amazing piece of art.